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We make online transactions a swift, efficient, and convenient process. So much easier to use than traditional bulky wallets and much safer than carrying physical cards.

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Why people choose Us

Easy registration

Creating a WalletSpire online account is very easy. Just fulfill the registration form, check your mailbox, and get ready to use the WalletSpire.

Instant transactions

All transfers occur instantly: the money can be either in your wallet or at the seller, there are no transit accounts or "freezing" between accounts.

Free service

Your WalletSpire account creation and usage are completely free. You don't have to pay any commission or monthly fees to use the wallet.

High level security

Personal and payment information that passes through your account is securely protected by our developed technologies that meet modern Internet requirements.

Our features

Taking care of your time

In order to start a WalletSpire wallet, you do not need to waste time visiting a bank branch, providing originals of documents, writing applications, filling out questionnaires, and performing other formalities related to opening a bank account.

Account usability

Once you have registered an account in our online payment system, you may use it as long as you like. Or forget about it for some time. The wallet usage is completely free so in case you forget about the account don't worry that it will require any payment when you come back.

User-friendly service

While browsing WalletSpire site you feel confident, because we did our best to make the wallet easy-to-use. The account has all the information you may need such as balance, transaction history with date, amount, type of operation, and the wallet id. Let's check out!

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